Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Submitted by Pat Berry

A bit of explanation here:  Recently Sherrye kindly furnished information for the club newsletter. As space was limited I edited the list, but I thought that her selections would be helpful for those of you for live on the higher, warmer properties. She has a large property on Eagle Rock Road, which is very sunny and sometimes very hot.  Here are some of the species she has  (her words follow):

A short list of plant varieties which have done well on our property:

Olive Trees
Butterfly Bushes
Crape Myrtle
Smoke Bushes
Japanese Maple
Rosemary and Euphorbia
Mexican Mock Orange Shrubs
Purple Hopseed Bushes
Mugho Pines
Santa Barbara Daisy
Various Thymes (Lemon, Regular Culinary and Wooly)
Low Growing Ground Cover Type Junipers

Where we’ve wanted hedges to delineate the property’s perimeter, we have used Oleanders or Leylandii Cypresses.  Both plant varieties seem to love it here.

On the newer portion of our property we still have a considerable amount of construction going on, so our plant list is still fairly short.  So far we’ve planted 3 Ginko Biloba Trees, 2 Pineapple Guavas, and 7 Western Redbuds which now have flower buds.  In addition, we transplanted 6 Yuccas into the ground from a couple of large pots in which they’ve lived for 3 years.  Yet to be planted (as soon as they arrive next week) are the first 6 Hybrid Tea Roses I’ve ordered.  Also coming are several Sochi Dwarf Pomegranates.   


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