Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lagerstroemia indica

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Common Name(s): Crape myrtle
    Dallas Red (20 ft.) is very cold hardy, Natchez (white, 25 ft.), Muskogee (lavendar), Cherokee (red, 10-12 ft.), Tuscarora (coral pink, 16 ft.), Powhatan (purple, 14-20 ft.)

Crepe myrtles will grow in almost any kind of soil sand, loam or clay.  It is even possible to grow them in containers if they are watered and fertilized properly.  They will grow in partial shade, however, the best flowering will occur on plants that receive more than 6 hours of direct sun.  They range from having smooth to exfoliating bark.  To promote flower bloom it is best to trim off seed pods.

A lot of work has been done with crepe myrtles to produce several different colors of flowers from white to purple to every shade of red.  They can be purchased for small spaces with plants that reach a mature height of 3 to 5 feet to large shade trees reaching heights of 35 feet and almost any size in between.
Height: 8-30 ft.
    Panicle of white, pink, red, purple flowers July to fall on new growth
Zones: 7-9
Habit: Deciduous
Site: Sun; moist, well drained soil
Texture: Medium
    Multi-stemmed; rounded crown; dense branching
Width: 6-15 ft.
Growth Rate: Moderate to rapid
    1 to 2.8 in. opposite to whorled, simple leaf; yellow, orange, red fall color; white flowered trees produce yellow fall color

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