Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our Annual Autumn Tea

Our Annual Autumn Tea
October 13, 2014
Tea Traditions Around The World


Our Members gathered at the Community Center on a lovely fall day to enjoy one of our favorite social events - A Tea Party!

We began with  a fun Ice Breaker where everyone tried to match six loose teas to the correct name. Then our chairperson offered some information on the various tea varieties and the processing which creates these teas and we and a brief overview of tea traditions around the world.
Tea was followed by a very special Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstrated by Sachiko Knappman. Two of our members, Carolyn Bolander and Kathy Foster assisted Sachiko with the ceremony.

After a bit of club business, out President, Inge Rankin, 
presented five of our eight active Founding Members with a lifetime membership in the club.

Hilde de Feminis, Joy Ryan, Georgeann Tintorri, Susanne LaFaver, Angela Birk
Not Present: Marie Eisenmann, Dolores Groves, Betty Williams

We wrapped up with Best Hat Winner - Lila Barkley.

Loads of Fabulous Food and Fun! 

We enjoyed our Tea at One of Seven
Internationally Inspired Tables.
Angela Birk / Lin Waterhouse – International Tea Time

Cheryl Crawford – Tea in Paris

Rosalie Jones – Tea in India

Maryann Kenny – Tea in Ireland

Marie Powell – Tea in Time

Inge Rankin – Harvest Tea

Marsha Willard / Carol Hanson – Emperor Qianlong's Dragon Well
Floral Centerpieces Created by Elisabeth Moores
(Three Lucky Winners Went Home With These Creations)

Photos Courtesy of Tony George

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